Outstanding Occupational Safety and Health achievements to Southa Engineering Ltd. and BAS Engineering Ltd.

Both Southa’s subsidiary companies, Southa Engineering Ltd. (SEL) and BAS Engineering Ltd. (BAS), have demonstrated outstanding performance and achieving a good safety record in respect of Occupational Safety and Health over the past 3 years, including no reportable accident, dangerous occurrence or notifiable occupational disease; no suspension notices, improvement notices, prosecutions leading to OSH conviction; implementing an efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of safety management system with progressive improvement by periodical safety review or auditing; reduction of potential risks through work safe behavioural observation programme and benchmarking of safety culture by applying safety climate index survey. 

Under the detailed assessment by the judging panel of Occupational Safety and Health Council, SEL and BAS have been confirmed satisfying the strict criteria. The safety performance awards are granted to these two companies by the Occupational Safety and Health Council in 2020.

These achievements reflect the unfailing efforts made by all of our staff and workers to upkeep the safety standards of individual behaviour and workplaces. This is our safety culture to ensure the involvement of all the people as well as to maintain effective communication among them at all levels. Indeed, Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Executive Director Mr. Julien Watel, Deputy Director Mr. K F Chan, Business Director Mr. Cyril So, Senior Contracts Manager Mr. Rays Ng and QSE Manager Mr. C S Ma represented Southa Eng. Ltd and BAS Eng. Ltd. to receive the safety performance awards.